Lifetime Sex Offender Registration Comes to an End in California!

California is one of four states in the nation that has enforced Penal Code 290 requiring lifetime sex offender registration for any and all sex crimes convicts. However, due to the new California Senate Bill 384, the state of California has created a new system to end lifetime registration for lower grade offenses. 

Currently, 105,000 California residents are registered sex offenders; many of them who have been registered since the 1930’s. More than half of those registrants (approximately 62%) have committed lower grade offenses such as indecent exposure and non violent crimes. 

With the new Bill in place, California will evaluate offenses based on a 3-tier system which will allow some offenders the ability to petition for removal from the registration list after a period of time. 

How it works

Tier 1 offenses will include misdemeanor sex crimes such as misdemeanor sexual battery and other non-violent sex crimes. These lower grade offenders will still be required to register, however only for a period of 10+ years. After 10 years, the defendant will have the freedom to petition for their removal from the registration list. 

Tier 2 on the other hand requires 20+ years of registration, however after serving their time, they will still have the right to petition removal. 

Lastly, Tier 3 offenders will remain lifetime registrants based on the seriousness, lewdness, and violent and/or repeated behaviors. 

Being charged with a sex crime is unfortunate and pays a hefty price, beginning January 1, 2021, petitions will be accepted. 

If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime and ordered to register as a sex offender under Penal Code 290, call Attorney Pat Carey for immediate review of your case.