What Does a DUI Lawyer Cost?

When you are arrested for a DUI, after the shock wears off, everyone considers the difficult question of “what is this gonna cost me?”  People also think, “hey, I’m guilty, should I just go in to court and plead guilty myself and not waste money on a lawyer.”  While a logical thought, it would be reckless for anyone to go to court not represented by a lawyer.  Pat Carey has handled over 3,000 DUI cases in his career.  He has seen cases dismissed where the blood alcohol results were over 0.20%, he has seen refusal allegations stricken, and he has seen penalties be reduced at the hands of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.  With that said, the simple answer is YES!  You need a lawyer.

Your issue then becomes, “how much should I pay my lawyer?”  As with anything, you can go on craigslist.org and find a cheap lawyer.  But also as with anything, you buy cheap, you get cheap.  It is concerning that there are lawyers out there who will charge you pennies when your freedom is on the line.  You must also keep in mind that although you may be paying that cheap lawyer a smaller fee, that decision can cost you thousands of dollars in court fines.  You need a lawyer that has experience at trial and in negotiation, and most importantly you need a lawyer who has connections and a reputation with the people who he is negotiating with.  Pat Carey checks all of these boxes, and his fees reflect just that.

Imagine this:  you get your “craigslist lawyer” who goes to court and pleads you guilty.  You pay upwards of $8,000 in court fines. Pat Carey then reviews your case and sees an issue which could have resulted in your case being outright dismissed!  That simple fact alone will justify the hiring of a skilled criminal defense attorney like Pat Carey.

Consider these numbers:

DUI Cost

As you can see, the value of getting your case dismissed is extremely high.  With that said, having a skilled and connected lawyer who can negotiate a fair and equitable sentence can be just as important.

The bottom line is do not go into court and represent yourself!  You will be taken advantage of and you will quite literally PAY THE PRICE.

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